Monday, November 17, 2008

Shuttle Endeavour Now Docked With ISS

Did anyone watch the Endeavour (STS-126) launch Friday evening? Check out for all the details. Go here for a fun space shuttle activity:
You'll be asked a series of question about either STS-125 or STS-126 (the mission currently underway). If you answer them all correctly you get to print a cool certificate making you an official Mission Planner for NASA. If anyone brings one of these certificates to our meetings, with their name on it, I'll give them a prize. Good luck and keep following the mission.
I show the ISS & Shuttle will pass overhead this Weds., around 5:45pm-5:55pm, again on Thurs. around 6:10pm - 6:20pm, and on Saturday around 5:25pm - 5:35pm. It looks like a very bright star traveling quickly across the sky. When the shuttle is docked with ISS it's particularly bright. I always think it's kind of neat that the little bright dot has ten people on it!

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