Saturday, November 8, 2008

Onward to Mars We Hope!

On Monday, November 3rd we looked at what it takes to get a Robot to Mars. Rockets and guiding them, no technical problems, and being sure that you have a landing where your Robot doesn't get destroyed when it lands. Then once your on Mars a whole bunch of other problems begin. Waiting for 20 minutes to get your radio signal from the Earth to Mars, unknown objects, and challenges and many other obstacles.
This week begins the first stage of getting to Mars. Designing our "Rocket" Robots to get to Mars with a payload and to follow the course from 4th and 5th grade to 2nd and 3rd via the long way around!!! It may be harder than you think or it may be easier. You need to make many decisions and try them out. Also the programming needs to get done. This will be difficult but you need to plan out your steps as to what you thing your robot should do then use Robolab to create the program. Hopefully you are up to the challenge! Mars or Bust! When you go Bust in space it is expensive so take your time!!!!

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